Gallery Representation

Missouri Artists on Main
321 South Main Street
St. Charles, MO 63301

My Clay Work

My work consists of wheel thrown and handbuilt Raku pottery and decorative sculptures. My sculptures are made with clay formed on the wheel, altered and then raku fired. I have recently been expanding my knowledge of the entire Raku process and now make my own glazes. My attraction to Raku firing is the unpredictability, speed of the process and beautiful results. It’s all about experimentation to see what different outcomes I can get!

My most recent body of work consists of sculptures focused on the female form. Inspired by real women, the sculptures reflect unique female beauty while also being somewhat abstract and goddess like. My hope is to speak to the “inner goddess” in each of us. I feel that women hold the hearts of the world and my sculptures reflect the love women use to make the world a better place. I relish the process of using the elements – earth, water and fire to create my art.

“I love playing with mud.”

I have loved playing with mud ever since I was a small girl. Every summer, I would take buckets of water from the kiddie pool to make a big mud pond behind the shed, and use the earth to create pretend food and magic potions! I grew up, started a family and got my degree in nutrition science, where my love of food, science and playing with the dirt in my garden grew. I stumbled upon working

 with clay in 2011 when I took a nine-hour hand building workshop at the local high school. I had never explored any art forms before and didn’t consider myself artistic. I was immediately captivated by the process of creating with clay and wanted to learn more. As I explored the art and science of ceramics I discovered a passion that surprised me! I then began hanging out in the local clay studio several times a week, soaking up tips and techniques from anyone who would share.

My functional work is influenced by my love and passion for food. I strive for my pots to be comfortable to use as well as beautiful. My attraction to Raku is the unpredictability, the speed of the firing process and the beautiful results. I am continuing my ceramic art education by taking workshops from experienced artists and college level ceramics classes.  My work has been featured in a local art exhibition, and I am a resident artist at Missouri Artist on Main Gallery located on Main St. in Downtown St. Charles, MO.

Artist Statement

My greatest joy comes from trying new techniques and experimenting with new forms. My most recent exploration is making sculptures focused on the female form. I love to make each form somewhat realistic, while incorporating abstract and goddess-like qualities as well.  My current body of work consists of sculptures which explore the goddess contained in all women. The sculptures are formed from wheel thrown pieces which are then altered, sculpted and pigmented with of iron oxides, giving them a timeless quality.  Each goddess is unique like the real women who inspired them; My hope is to speak to the “inner goddess” in each of us. I relish the process of using the elements – earth, water and fire – to experiment with different shapes, textures, glaze combinations and surface pigments to craft beautiful and unique pottery creations.